Don’t let anybody fool you.  A motivated, intelligent, organized, creative and mature teen can successfully weather the college admissions process and secure a spot at a top university without question.  However, a knowledgeable, committed and experienced college advisor can often help expand that student’s options and financial packages, while significantly streamlining and lowering the stress level of the process.  For all applicants, especially those who are less focused or seriously over-committed, a college advisor can be a tremendous gift and offer a significant edge into a top school for that applicant.

Whether your child is at the top of his or her class or somewhere below that, successfully moving through and completing those college applications, while at the same time showing the admissions officers who you really are, takes time.  For an advisor to create a success story, she must spend time really getting to know her client, who he really is, not only focusing on the big stuff but the small stuff that together, makes him a highly marketable applicant and necessary part of the incoming university class.  Not every teen realizes his strengths and qualities.  If he does not see it, he cannot sell it.