"When I was applying to college, I was feeling very overwhelmed by the application process. However, Barbra (Your College Choice) not only helped me organize my thoughts, but she also helped me feel confident that I was submitting strong applications. I would not have been able to get through this process without her guidance, advice, and support."

- Julia, Yale ‘19


"Barbra (Your College Choice) and I worked closely to create a thorough and well-rounded application. She understands what specific schools are looking for and molded my application accordingly. Barbra made this stressful process into one that was both enlightening and exciting. Ultimately, Barbra's intuitiveness into the college process allowed me to get into my dream school! Thank you Barbra!"

- Jon, Lehigh '22


"Barbra (Your College Choice) is an amazing passionate professional who works tirelessly as your advocate. She makes an otherwise daunting task, a start to finish personally focused guide to success.Your College Choice is an absolute necessity throughout the college application process!"

- Sari, Tulane '21


"Your College Choice truly helped me to pinpoint what I wanted out of a university. Barbra understood what I needed in an academic environment and created a strong list of universities that met this criteria. She helped me with everything from essays to placement of extracurriculars on the Common Application. From start to finish Barbra was a strong resource and guide and I can't thank her enough for helping me find my second home!"

- Sophie, Bucknell '21


"When I started working with Your College Choice, I had no idea what college I wanted to go to. After devoting hours to crafting essays, resumes and activity sheets, Barbra worked with me to find my very own home away from home: And encouraged me to apply to Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse School of Communications. I was hesitant because I didn’t what to deal with rejection, but after perfecting my materials for months, I finally received my acceptance. Three years later, I am graduating a semester early with a high GPA, 2 minors and my dream major. Thank you Barbra for your dedication to my success and future!"

- Lauren, Syracuse '19


“Barbra (Your College Choice) was a great help with the whole college process. From setting up a proper resume to fixing college essays, she was always there to convey my story as best as it could be. With her help I had great success and am so excited to start at Johns Hopkins University in the fall, studying chemical and bio-molecular engineering. Thank you so much!”

- Nate, Johns Hopkins ‘22


“While applying for college I had no idea where I wanted to go or the type of school I wanted. What appeared to be a confusing dreadful process, was made simple and easy with Barbra’s help. With her help I was able to make a perfectly rounded application that embodied both my high school accomplishments and future endeavors.”

- Jason, The Ohio State University ‘21


“When beginning the college process I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work that was required. Barbra made a plan to finish the work in an organized and manageable way. After spending weeks with her writing essays, creating my resume, and emailing admissions counselors, I feel like Barbra truly understood what I was looking for in a college. She did an incredible job remodeling who I was on paper to make sure I was the best possible fit for the schools I applied to. I couldn’t be any happier to attend Tulane University and be a part of the Honors Program in the fall. I wouldn’t be able to do so if it wasn’t for Barbra.”

- Max, Tulane ‘22


“Thank you for taking the stress out of this daunting college process, creating results that I never dreamed of.  Your work with our first child produced exactly what she wanted and we are thrilled to have engaged you for our second daughter as she begins what we now realize requires your creativity, intelligence and skill.  Please know how much we wholeheartedly appreciate your amazing results. You are the best. Thank you!”

- Caroline, Villanova '22


"While I was applying to colleges I had no idea what I wanted or where I wanted to apply. Barbra not only helped me perfect my applications, essays and resume but sat with me for hours and told me about each school and what she thought I would love about each with complete honesty. Thanks to Barbra I ended up with a lot of acceptances and had trouble deciding where to go but ended up at the perfect place for me!"

- Nicole, University of Delaware '21


"When I first started the college process I was confused and very stressed. Barbara helped me and got me right on track. She found a perfect selection of schools for me to apply to and made sure I made all of the deadlines. Barbra made the college process easy and seamless. I will be attending the University of Florida in the fall and I cannot be more excited! Barbara got me exactly where I need to be and UF is a perfect fit for me!"

- Rachel, University of Florida '22


"Barbra was so helpful and supportive throughout the entire college application process. It was so stressful but she made it a lot more tolerable. I can’t thank her enough for all her help and advice, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs. Without her guidance, Union might not have even been a choice for me. I’m so thrilled to be attending the eight-year Leadership in Medicine program."

- Lauren, Union Leadership in Medicine Program '22


“Barbra truly puts her whole heart into every student she works with! She offers remarkable wisdom into the college admissions process, while also serving as a constant source of encouragement and positivity. She helped me actually see myself as more than just the positions I held and the grades I received, which I think is what came through strongest on my application.”

-Val, Harvard ‘19


“By working directly with Barbra (Your College Choice), my college applications were completed successfully and with ease. I was always a step ahead of my peers, having my supplements and Common Application perfected and finalized well before the deadlines. Through Barbra’s amazing organization and professional guidance, I was accepted into my first choice school. Thank you Barbra (Your College Choice) for all you do!"

-Claudia, Williams ‘23

new paltz.jpg

"Barbra (Your College Choice) is amazing! She made a potentially overwhelming experience totally do-able! I knew I wanted to play basketball in college but had no idea which school would be the best fit. Barbra helped me narrow down the choices by figuring out which schools would provide the best academic options as well as the best athletic situation. Then, Barbra spent hours taking me through the application process. I got into every school I applied to. I am excited to have committed to playing basketball for SUNY New Paltz this fall."

-Sophia, New Paltz ‘23


"My name is Emily and I’m going to Barbra’s alma mater- Brandeis University! My experience with Your College Choice made the college process very smooth and the least stressful it could be. I felt that generous time was given towards working on my application and that my application was careful reviewed at all stages. Your College Choice was easy to work with and very flexible. The help was tremendous and facilitated the process.”

-Emily, Brandeis ‘23


“Barbra’s dedication and constant support gave me the confidence I needed to apply to the top universities in the country. She helped me to package my qualifications into a cohesive, desirable, and marketable application. Working with Barbra (Your College Choice) wasn’t ever really ‘work’ because she treats each client like family, something that gave me comfort through the application process and beyond.”

-Nicole, Harvard ‘23


“Barbara was phenomenal! I never thought in a million years I would’ve ended up all the way down in Texas at UT Austin. Little did I know it was the best decision I ever made thanks to Barbra. Barbra helped me narrow down all my options and choose the school that was the perfect fit for me. She is an organized, hard working, inspirational individual who gives 100% to each and every one of her students. Now that I have a year under my belt I absolutely cannot wait to return to Austin in the fall.”

-Justin, University of Texas ‘22

More Testimonials:

My daughter got into every college she applied to including her ‘reach’ schools. She could not have done it without Your College Choice. I loved that Barbra understood my child so well that the schools we applied to were perfect for her. Now we are having trouble deciding where to go.
— Melissa (New York, New York)
A sincere and invested professional who went above and beyond expectations to achieve our desired outcome. Barbra’s holistic approach keeping the child’s overall interest and well-being above all is rare. We are grateful to her!
— Steven (Queens, New York)
It’s all about results and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our son’s incredible opportunities thanks to Your College Choice.
— Jacob (Dix Hills, New York)
Even the most amazing teens have to find their way through the college admissions process with challenge. High school is hard enough. We are thankful to Your College Choice for taking the burden off of our family and working directly with our son to get him through this process calmly and successfully. Barbra motivated our child and happily moved him (and us) through this process in a balanced and human manner. Thank you not only for your results but for taking on the “tough part” to help us maintain a positive atmosphere in our home and family. Our son could not be happier and neither could we. We send to you our deepest appreciation.
— Richard (Santa Monica, California)